Sunday, October 9, 2011

The sun will come out tomorrow!

Yep, It's fall all right! Although I think the rain thinks we don't know that, so it keeps pouring... Anywho, my modern friends, Addy, Summer and I have been busy decorating for the season. Kiley is getting to be about as jumpy as Abby when we mention Thanksgiving dinner (It's her responsibility to cook) and Abby has been pestering us nonstop about her birthday (November 26th). I haven't bothered anyone about the fact that it's also my birthday in 9 days, although it would be nice if I got some recognition. So, in case Ms. B wanders by and happens to read this I would just like to say that Shirley has been in need of some new dresses... And that blue polka dot dress is NOT on back order anymore so that's no excuse! Sorry, just had to say it. Oh! Ms. B is going to audition for Annie the musical (Hence the title) which she explained takes place in my time. (And is about me!!!!) O.k., no it's not. I'm not an orphan in the care of Daddy Warbucks. (Sadly) However, I'm excited for her and it will be such fun to learn about a new musical to perform!
Fun Fact: Annie the musical started out as a comic strip by Harold Gray in 1894 and became a very popular radio show in 1930. Little Orphan Annie wound her way into the hearts of many, turning into a Broadway Musical in 1977.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Fun!!!

Hello everybody! Gee, it's been a long time since I've posted. Well.... I have some really important news! I am going to the american girl store in Seattle with Ms. B! Hooray! Ms. B's been working for hours on what she calls her combo's this silly thing where she lists all these different combinations of different things she wants and the totals.... I'd say it's kind of wasteful but I do get to see what she's thinking of getting me. Abby, however, is using all of her willpower to make sure she gets some kind of board with wheels, silly modern people. Summer and I just want the Amelia Earhart doll and the cute light blue dress....what? That's not too much...*sigh* O.K., I guess it's quite a bit. Since i'm going on the trip I should be content. Oh! I almost forgot! Ms. B found a summer play outfit for me! (well, actually she just found these pink knickers to go with my shirt, but it's still amazing!) I hope everyone's having a great summer!

Fun Fact: The Nelson Knitting Co. of Rockford, Ill., is not entirely responsible for the making of sock monkeys, but they were one of the first companies to start putting patterns or directions for making the sock monkey on their boxes of socks. It was a great example of waste not, want not for you got socks, and when they were worn out you got a toy!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

O.K., so here is a pic of Sweet Tia and my modern friend, Kiley!

Happy New Year Everyone!

O.K., so I know it's been awhile since Christmas and all... but I have some exciting News!!!! I got... My Shirley temple doll! Although I would have been content with just that, Santa had some more surprises up his sleeve! He gave Ms. B and I nine Shirley Temple Movies on DVD! Then, he gave Ms. B a new house for us, a house in which there is a theater room for Summer and I! Now, that was it for me, but I just had to share about the sweetest present of all, one that meant the world to my friend Kiley. It was a baby sister! She's the sweetest little thing, I just love playing with her!

Fun Fact: In 1928, a contest was held so that the Fremont Canning company could find a trademark baby. Dorothy Hope Smith submitted a sketch of Ann Turner, and it was picked as the winner. Ann Turner came to be known as the most famous baby. She and little Tia are both oh so cute!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Only Five days till Christmas...Yay!

Well, how is everybody's Holidays going? Mine is going pretty good, but I fear poor Abby is taking it hard. You see, Abby gets a little.... excited, shall we say, when the Holidays come. I know, because the mailman made the mistake of dropping me off on Abby's B-day... That was a little scary. She just loves presents, and the fact that she knows exactly where they are in Ms. B's room doesn't help...Yeesh. When Ms. B went on a short vacation this weekend, Abby almost made it to the drawer, except Ms. B has guards around the drawer, big fluffy ones. So, with a few ice packs on her head, Abby is resting very impatiently, but Kiley's special gingerbread cookies seem to be helping. Ta Ta for now!
-Annie Belle

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy fall everyone! Where I am at, it's already snowed! (Not that it stuck or anything, but still..)
Anyways, Summer and I are very busy working on plays and such to keep our fellow dolls happy. It has been very boring (and very cold) here as of late, so we need something to do. I am getting excited for the holidays though! My family celebrates Christmas, and I remember the oranges, cookies, and hot chocolate in fancy glasses that made up our annual Fitzgerald holiday banquet. This year, Ms. B says we will have turkey and green beans, sing Christmas songs, dance, and play games! Now that's my kind of banquet (no offense mom). This Christmas, I am asking for my Shirley Temple doll. Well, alright, I didn't really want my doll at the time I got her, I had asked for money for the homeless... when I opened her I was mad at my mom for not helping the people again, but I said thank you none the less. Then, I came to a small box, inside I found money for the homeless and permission to work at the soup kitchen! Now, I treasure my doll as a reminder of how my Mom and Dad really did care, and of how I was able to finally help the people in need.

Fun Fact:Shirley Temple dolls were introduced in 1934, as Shirley's fame increased. Some are still sold today by danberry mint for collectors.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wow, it's been a while, hasn't it? Hi everyone! I've been having a great time this summer (tomorrow it will be fall) ... Anyways, Summer and I have been missing our old banquets and garden parties. My family is very wealthy, and according to my mother, we must live up to everyone's expectations. She is the only reason that I am not giving money away to families in need right now, and not at the soup kitchen. Well, these parties are very fancy, with white tablecloths, fancy dresses, and excellent tea/food. I used to sneak away after greeting everyone (I still keep my manners), and then I would go to the hidden space between the two rose bushes to read Nancy Drew. Then Summer came, and now we stay at the party to talk and act/sing for the fellow audience. However, many of the ladies refuse to watch Summer perform. I never could understand why they can't just accept her. Once, she and I sang together, and then the ladies didn't know if they should look or not. You see, those ladies think I'm Shirley Temple or something, and hang on to my every word. I know that it's just because they want to be invited to our fancy parties and in the social crowd. Anyways, happy fall everyone! Have a great day!