Monday, December 20, 2010

Only Five days till Christmas...Yay!

Well, how is everybody's Holidays going? Mine is going pretty good, but I fear poor Abby is taking it hard. You see, Abby gets a little.... excited, shall we say, when the Holidays come. I know, because the mailman made the mistake of dropping me off on Abby's B-day... That was a little scary. She just loves presents, and the fact that she knows exactly where they are in Ms. B's room doesn't help...Yeesh. When Ms. B went on a short vacation this weekend, Abby almost made it to the drawer, except Ms. B has guards around the drawer, big fluffy ones. So, with a few ice packs on her head, Abby is resting very impatiently, but Kiley's special gingerbread cookies seem to be helping. Ta Ta for now!
-Annie Belle

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