Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!

O.K., so I know it's been awhile since Christmas and all... but I have some exciting News!!!! I got... My Shirley temple doll! Although I would have been content with just that, Santa had some more surprises up his sleeve! He gave Ms. B and I nine Shirley Temple Movies on DVD! Then, he gave Ms. B a new house for us, a house in which there is a theater room for Summer and I! Now, that was it for me, but I just had to share about the sweetest present of all, one that meant the world to my friend Kiley. It was a baby sister! She's the sweetest little thing, I just love playing with her!

Fun Fact: In 1928, a contest was held so that the Fremont Canning company could find a trademark baby. Dorothy Hope Smith submitted a sketch of Ann Turner, and it was picked as the winner. Ann Turner came to be known as the most famous baby. She and little Tia are both oh so cute!!!

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