Sunday, October 9, 2011

The sun will come out tomorrow!

Yep, It's fall all right! Although I think the rain thinks we don't know that, so it keeps pouring... Anywho, my modern friends, Addy, Summer and I have been busy decorating for the season. Kiley is getting to be about as jumpy as Abby when we mention Thanksgiving dinner (It's her responsibility to cook) and Abby has been pestering us nonstop about her birthday (November 26th). I haven't bothered anyone about the fact that it's also my birthday in 9 days, although it would be nice if I got some recognition. So, in case Ms. B wanders by and happens to read this I would just like to say that Shirley has been in need of some new dresses... And that blue polka dot dress is NOT on back order anymore so that's no excuse! Sorry, just had to say it. Oh! Ms. B is going to audition for Annie the musical (Hence the title) which she explained takes place in my time. (And is about me!!!!) O.k., no it's not. I'm not an orphan in the care of Daddy Warbucks. (Sadly) However, I'm excited for her and it will be such fun to learn about a new musical to perform!
Fun Fact: Annie the musical started out as a comic strip by Harold Gray in 1894 and became a very popular radio show in 1930. Little Orphan Annie wound her way into the hearts of many, turning into a Broadway Musical in 1977.

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