Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What an exciting day!!!

Today I went on an exciting outing with Ms. B, her mom, and her grandma! We went to a doll museum, which was amazing, they had 1,200+ dolls on display, and that was only a third of the owners collection! Anyways, I saw a Shirley Temple dolls, even the one that I actually own! We also saw a doll that looked liked me, Ms. B said her name was Samantha. Then, Ms. B and her mom and grandma went to a restaurant for lunch, while I stayed in the car, playing with my new dress. Hey wait! I forgot to mention that Ms. B found me a new dress at the museums store, and it will be perfect for garden parties. That's the first dress in my collection, and Ms. B and her mom are working on the next one. However, Ms. B is getting discouraged because, well, she can't sew very well, and her moms really doing most of the work... So any encouraging words would be appreciated. So, back to the story... When they got back from lunch, we stopped at a little grocery-like store, with lots of fresh fruit and flowers. Then, we headed for home, and Ms. B and her mom worked on sewing the dress some more.

Fun Fact: Even though Annie's life may seem too good to be true during the depression, the family had to do a lot of chores to keep their original life style. For example, Annie and her family hand washed and dried their clothes, instead of using their electronic washing machine, to save money. Once, when the Annie & Andrew show was in desperate need of a stage, Annie made a deal. Annie, Andrew, Summer, and Ida (Their maid and her daughter), would do all of the long, hot work of scrubbing, carrying, squeezing, and soaking,the clothes (And a whole lot more!), so their mother could do other things around the house. Sometimes, the A&A crew regrets making that deal, but not when they have their side of the deal, which is two sheets with the words The Annie and Andrew Show painted on, which work as perfect curtains hanging on the clothesline!

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