Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer's coming!!!

Guess what? My Human Friend, will call/refer to her as Ms. B, says Summer will be coming to our home! Hooray! Also, Ms. B is going to make me my Shirley Temple dress (Finally)! I find it funny that Summer is coming in Summer! Soon enough, we will have our stage, she will have her Shirley Temple dress, and we can perform our famous play! Well, we don't really know what it is, as we just re-enact our favorite ST scenes. My favorite is when Summer sings "Animal Crackers in my soup" and I dance. It will be sad w/o Andrew though... but Ms. B. has to find someone who can make a boy custom. Or who can cut hair... anyone? I just know you'll love him! Anyways, hooray! I'm so excited!!!

Fun 1937 fact: (get used to these, their in every post) 1937 saw many famous movie releases, like Snow White, and Heidi! Shirley Temple was known almost everywhere! The 1930's was/is often referred to as "the golden age of Hollywood" doesn't that sound glamorous? It makes perfect sense when you look around where I live, or visit the Broadway Theater District (two minutes away from me). It has the biggest collection of old (new to me, old to Ms. B) theaters in the world!

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